A Front Desk Story

Once upon a time there was a dentist who opened a dental office. He purchased new equipment and hired an assistant and hygienist to work for him, to be on his team.

He went back to school, learned how to do implants; he knew they would make him lots of cash. He was very excited; it was all good to go.

He opened his office with a turn of the key, turned on the lights and soon the phone began to ring. The assistant looked at the hygienist, who looked at the Doc. Who would answer the phone?

Doc scratched his head and said with a wink, I know who will… My WIFE!

His wife started the next day, she was excited and she thought it would be fun. She greeted the patients for the first few days with a big hello and a grin. She told them that “her husband” would be right with them as her cell phone began to ring!

 It was her daughter calling from High School, “Mom, I need you” she said. Mom was very torn she was supposed to be saving the office money by working there for free, but her baby needed her. “I can do both, I’ll just come and go as I please” she said to herself. “After all, I am the owner; I am married to the Doc!”

 When assistant and the hygienist heard that she had left, they squealed with Glee. “She’s so annoying, we are happy that she is gone” the exclaimed. They were very happy until the phone began to ring.

 “I am not answering that” the hygienist said with a pout, “I am a hygienist, and it is not my job.”

 “Well, I am not either” bellowed the assistant “I don’t know nuthin about no insurance.”  And she scurried back to her op.

The hygienist quickly followed, “I need to check my farmville farm” she muttered. And the phone continued to ring until I thought I would go crazy and shoot my eye out! 

 With your success in mind, 


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