A Marketing Story

One day at our office, Doc looked out the window and saw a FREE puppet show being performed in our courtyard put on by the local HS. “There are people out in the courtyard” Doc called out.
I grabbed the basket from the closet (we keep one full of toothbrushes, pens, Chap Stick and business cards) and ran out the door.
There was a handful of little kids 6 and under, enjoying the show. I was doubtful that this would bring us any new patients; this was just a bunch of little kids. But I did my duty and I handed out the toothbrushes and other goodies to everyone there, and then I went back to the office. After a few months went by and no one called.

But then, 6 months after the show, the phone rang, it was a mom, new to the area wanted to schedule for her husband, herself and her kids, so we scheduled them. When our receptionist gathered their information, she realized that the husband was famous. (Although due to Hipaa, I can’t tell you who).
When they came to their appointments, I introduced myself and asked the husband, “How did you find our office?” He looked me in the eye and said “It was you, I met you at a puppet show, one in the courtyard, I brought my kids”. He told me that I was so nice to his little daughters and I sung praises about my Doctor that when it came time to needing a dentist, there was no doubt which one they would go to see!
The Moral of this story ~ Grab your basket of toothbrushes and get out to EVERY community event that you can find. It brands your name to the community and they will remember you when it comes time to needing a dentist!

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  1. katemontgo | | Reply

    Great point! You never know who will need a dentist. I carry a couple cards and toothbrushes wherever I go. Maybe it will never lead to a huge influx of patients, but if one person comes in because of that, it was worth it. You never know, so why not? It’s free and easy if you’re a people person.

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