Are You a Upper or a Downer?

We have our ups and downs; we all go through good times and bad. We all have days when we just wish that we could have stayed in bed! The difference is how we handle these times.

How do you handle your “crabby” days? When your child keeps you up all night, and you do not get enough sleep, do you come to work disconnected? When you are tired, and your head hurts, because you had one too many to drink last night, do you snap at the rest of the team? When you are upset with your mate, do you take it out on everyone who crosses your path?  I hope that you do not!

Employees who are professional do not do that. They leave it all at home. They come to work, suck it up and smile. They realize that their patients and our co-workers deserve to have them perform at their very best, every day. Sure, they are human, just like you.  They wish that they could just curl up in a ball and cry, just like you, but they do not. They put those thoughts aside, and they set their sights on giving exceptional patient care. They take a long look around them, and they realize that there is always someone who is worse off.

 Easier said than done, but it is worth the effort.

With your success in mind, 



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