Are You an Owner or a Renter?

Do you own your job or do you just rent space to pick up a paycheck? Do you keep busy at work in your down time, or do you hide out in the break room? Do you search the Internet for information that will help your office grow or do you play Farmville instead? Do you take the time, effort and have the desire to educate yourself and increase your skills?

Your answers to these questions will show the truth. Are you an owner or a renter? Sure, either one will get you a paycheck, but only one of them will give you unlimited personal rewards. If you own your job and take it upon yourself to be the very best that you can be; you will find that you will move ahead of your peers, the ones who want to choose a different road and just pay rent.

There are tons of  free webinars, conference call and social media sites where you can go to start educating yourself to develop and grow. The more you know and practice your skills; the more your value to your practice will increase. If you are a go getter and work hard to show that you have the skills to cooperate to function as a team, others will notice and follow your lead.

Who knows, maybe your Doctor will take notice and reward you.

With your success in mind, 





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