Are You Trainable?

Recently I read a post on Facebook about a team member who had quit their job. This team member had recently been written up for what most of us would consider a non-tolerable offense. She repeatedly made the same mistakes and when the Doctor finally had to demand a change, she got mad and quit. I am betting that she told her family and friends that this Doctor is a jerk and failed to mention that, she was the one who had done something wrong!

This is not the first time that I have heard of a situation like this one, so this one is for the team.

Team Members ~

Do you realize that while it’s true, your employer is responsible for showing you they way that they want you to do your job, that it is YOUR responsibility to remember what you’ve been shown? Do you realize you should consistently perform your duties that way, everyday?

Do you realize that the Doctor does not just pay you for your time? You get paid to perform your duties the way the Doctor and/or Office Manager want you to do them. When you are at the office, you owe it to your employer to be checked in, not on the phone checking in at home.

Times have changed. Layoffs have become the norm, only the strong survive, you have to be able to perform. Who do you think will get their hours cut first; the go getter who makes an effort, or the one who constantly has to be re-trained?

I believe if you are a dental office team member, who is reading this blog, you are already a  go getter; but if you are not, it is time to step up to the plate, and ask yourself these questions:

How skilled am I at my job?

Do I seek out opportunities to learn, even on my own time?

Am I a team player?

I am Polly Positive or a Constant Complainer?

What have I done to help meet our office goals?

Am I a team player, who really tries?

Come on, you can do it, take a look in a mirror, and have a little chat.

For those of you who think this is not your problem because you’ve worked for your Doctor for years. I hear you telling yourself, “My Doctor would never fire me, He REALLY likes me, we’ve known each other for years”. Guess what, it is time to think again, your Doctor now has  access to the internet.

He knows how to log onto Facebook and Dentaltown, and when he goes there, because he has no patient in his chair, take a look at what he will find! Click the link below to see what your doctor is reading, and  he is discussing  it with his peers.

 Click here to read ~ Tough Decisions by Howard Farran

Think about it. Your Doctor is.

With your success in mind,



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