You’re Not the Boss of Me!

The other day I was at my Medical Doctor’s office, patiently sitting in the reception area of their in house lab, waiting for my turn to have my blood drawn, when I overheard a conversation between two of nurses in the lab. One of them came across a bit bossy; telling the other one what to do, I know that she was not the head nurse as she comes into the picture later in this story.

Marcia was the bossy one. She approached the other nurse, who we’ll call Julie for the sake of the story.  Marcia told Julie that she (Julie) needed to go help Suzy who was running behind. Julie was obviously very busy, and had patients, who were waiting to be seen, (anxious to get the needle stick over with, like me!).  “You need to go help Suzy clean her exam room, right now” I heard Marcia exclaim. “But I am supposed to be doing blood draws, and people are waiting” replied Julie. “Suzy needs help, and we are supposed to be a team, we help each other” Marcia barked.

At this comment, another Nurse, the head nurse according to her name tag, whose name was Holly. Holly wanted to know what was going on. Marcia said that,she had asked Julie to go help Suzy clean her exam room for the next patient, because  Suzy was running behind.  Holly listened, took a breath and replied, “Marcia, are YOU asking for help, for yourself? I do not hear Suzy ask anyone for help; I really am wondering why you are so concerned.

Marcia began to look upset but held her ground. “But Suzy always runs behind, and we are a team.” Holly sighed “If Julie stops doing her job, to pick up the slack for another, then she too, will be behind.” She continued on, “Marcia did you know that Suzy is STILL with her patient in the exam room, the Doctor asked her to run another test, so there is no room to clean.” Holly calmed told her, “Marcia, in the future, I would appreciate it if you would let me manage the flow of the day, as you are only viewing a portion of the big picture from your work station.” Marcia looked around the room as she was trying to figure out how to get off of the wall that she just backed herself up against.

Holly continued on, and I could tell that she was not pleased. “Marcia” she simply stated, “the definition of team work is, that all  contributes their part to reach a common goal, it does not mean that we carry each other through our day.” Her tone now sounded as she was scolding, “And Marcia, if you were so concerned about Suzy running late, you could have taken the time that you just wasted and helped her out yourself.”

I almost laughed out loud. The moral of the story ~ Do your job and do it well. Don’t worry about what others are doing. If you perceive a problem, talk to the doctor or Office Manager. Remember, no one likes a bossy co-worker.

With your success in mind, 

nomi8  Nomi

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