Can Someone Please Help Answer the Phone?

At the dental office, we work four days a week. Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm but our phone works longer than that. We are a very busy office and the phone rings all the time! It rings way into the evenings and all day on Fridays, when we are closed. Most of these calls come from our current patients, they want to reschedule an appointment, ask a question about insurance or make a payment over the phone. Occasionally there is week-end “I have a toothache” call. The Doctor is happy that we are always available to answer when they call.

The Doctor is happy, but I am not! I am the one who has to answer these calls. At the end of every work day, I roll our office phone lines over to a cell phone and carry it with me to my home. Although I am single, every evening, on Fridays and the week-ends, I am married to a little shiny red cell phone. This is not a marriage of convenience or one that is happy; it is a marriage full of stress. This phone is very dependent on me and it never seems to shut up, not even when I sleep!

I work full time, which means that I have to run my personal errands on the weekends but every time that I want to leave my house, I am faced with the question, what am I to do with this phone? “Take it with you the Doctor says, you must never miss a call.” This is such a heavy burden; my weekends are not spent relaxing. I do not get the chance to recoup from the busy week that just ended. I do not get to rest  to prepare for the even busier week that lies ahead. And of course, without fail, when I want to run to the store, the bat phone starts ringing and I am forced to heed its call.

My co-workers have offered to take their turn and many times they have. They have taken this bat phone and filled in for me so I could take a week-end off. It is nice to have a break but since our hygienist Diva does not know a thing about dental insurance, she can only take a message and then she tells me on Monday morning that I need to deal with the call. This just creates more work for me, and in the long run it is not worth it. When I return to the office, I find myself with twice the work load and I leave at the end of the day, exhausted from all the games of phone tag that I have played. There has to be a better way!

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