Choose Your Words Wisely

faq_256Do you offer  your patients a discount on their dentistry or do you extend them a savings if  paid day of service?

Do you have a cancellation to fill in your schedule or do you have an opportunity to get someone else in?

The words that you use when speaking to your patients will influence them. The words that you use will help them understand the culture of your practice.

The words that you use train them on how to treat you and your schedule. Words-Have-Power

Discount implies Cheap. Savings implies a courtesy was extended.  

Insurance implies protection. Benefit implies gift. 

Cancel implies rejection. Opportunity implies advantage.

Think about it, tnomi8he words that you and your team use may be more important than you think.

With your success in mind,





  1. The Dental Warrior | | Reply

    I think language is VERY important. Nuances matter.

    This is especially true when discussing actual treatment. Generally speaking, dentists SUCK at this. Dentists tend to talk to patients the same way they talk to a dental school professor.

  2. David Moffet | | Reply

    Here’s another one I cringe at….: “quote”
    We don’t give quotes.
    We say “Our fee for this procedure is $x.00….”
    “Would you like me to go over the fees for your next visit?”

    The word “quote” implies a bid. We do not bid.

  3. Eugene Espiritu | | Reply

    I wonder if there are dental sites which are using that word “quote”?

    • Nomi Waters | | Reply

      I am not sure Eugene, but I hope not!!!

  4. Paula | | Reply

    Hello Nomi, we have a family that’s been with the practice long term. Recently another dentist office called to ask about x-rays. I’ve tried to reach the mom by phone but have been unsuccessful. Is there a letter you would recommend sending to the family?

    • Nomi Waters | | Reply

      Paula, In a situation like this, I like to write a personalized letter not send a form letter. I sent you an email with some other thoughts I had. NOMI

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