Crazy Called the Dental Office… AGAIN!

Have you ever had a crazy person call your office? I am not talking about your average butthead but a true CRAZY person, one who rants and makes threats to get his way?  I am betting that you have. Crazy people come in many shapes and forms, crazy can be angry, crazy can be rambling, crazy can be demanding and lately, crazy seems to be everywhere. One thing that I know for sure about crazy, is that it is best to stay as far away from it as you possibly can!  Here is a true story about a crazy man who called the Dental Office today.

At the Dental Office, we always answer the phone, we roll it to our cell and I take it home with me. Tonight it rang as I sat at my desk, preparing to write a new blog, I reacted naturally and answered it. Crazy was on the other end. It was a new patient who was scheduled for Monday at 3:30pm. When I answered, I did not know this, I had no clue who the caller was or when he was scheduled, the only thing that I knew for sure is, that I could tell he was CRAZY topped with anger and would be nothing but trouble.

The story of a CRAZY man who called the Dental Office ~

The patient called at 5:30 pm. When I answered the phone, he immediately started yelling at me. “why is my appointment an hour and a half, I don’t want no hour and a half appointment, I can’t sit in a dentist office no hour and a half” I asked him to hold a moment while I logged onto computer and looked up his appointment. he yelled “you don’t need to look at no schedule, just tell me why.” I explained to him that I did not know who he was or what his appointment was for and that I needed to look. He continued to yell and said  “I got your paper work in the mail and I am not going to fill it out, you don’t need it” He began to rant about our new patient packet and stated that “we send too many forms and they are crap.”  He demanded that the Doctor doesn’t waste his time taking x-rays or talking to him, he just wants a filling and a crown. He said if he didn’t get what he wants he would be M A D (he didn’t say the word, he spelled it).

He stated that he expected the work to be done by August 25. I told him I could not guarantee that, and he stated “you better or I won’t show up”.  He also said, that “he better not get all these questions from the Doctor like he was getting from me.”  He the demanded that I schedule him another appointment for a filling, I told him that I needed the Doctor to treatment plan a filling before I could schedule and that when he came in for his first appointment, we could do so. I told him that we would do our best to get his care done by the date he had mentioned.

The patient again, stated that he didn’t need the Doctor to talk to him or take x-rays. I explained to him that our Doctor needed  to do an exam and x-rays to treatment plan his care and that we legally needed him to fill out the forms before he could be seen. He replied that he wasn’t going to fill out the forms. I explained to him that our Doctor was legally obligated to have him fill out his health history before he is seen. He replied that he didn’t care what the board or anyone else said, and stated that they can’t control him. He said that he would not come in unless I could guarantee him that we would do what he wants and by 8/25 and that he wouldn’t have to pay anything. He stated he had Delta Dental, I asked him if he had the premier or PPO, he said Delta Dental and told me that I should know these things. I said to him, “Sir, I do not appreciate the way that you are speaking to me.” He ignored that comment and began to yell at me for calling him “Sir”; he stated that his name was not sir. He screamed that I should know his name.  I simply replied that calling someone “Sir” was a polite way to speak. He ignored that comment and asked if we “took credit cards.”  I told him that we did and what kind.  He rambled that we didn’t put that information in the paper work but sent him “all that other garbage.”

I suggested that we may not be the right office for him and asked him if we should cancel his appointment.  He stated that he was coming to his appointment but he wasn’t going to “stay for no hour and a half, that is boring.” He said that he would get up and walk out if he didn’t’ like what the Doctor said or if the Doctor tried to sit and talk to him. I again suggested that we cancel his appointment, and that I would suggest another dentist for him, one that may be a better fit. He stated that he made this appointment and he “was coming and would sit in our lobby until we fixed his teeth and if we didn’t, he would be M A D” (spelled the word, again). I asked him if he showed up and we kept his appointment, would he behave or act how he was acting on the phone. I told him to be seen, he would need him to fill out the paper work and cooperate with the office procedures and policies. I told him that he would need to be polite and respectful, not like he was behaving now. He yelled that he “would do what he wants.”

That was enough for me, so I told him that I was canceling his appointment and if he showed up at our office, I would call the police. He yelled something that I did not understand and hung up. This man was very unreasonable, he was abusive and he made threats. He was slurring his words, but he did not seem to be intoxicated. It seemed to me that the slurring was a part of his rage, but I was not 100% sure. At this point, I do not care, I am just hoping and praying that this crazy man does not show up at the Dental Office. If he does, I am just hoping that he doesn’t shoot me when I tell him that he needs to leave!

We do not need CRAZY at the Dental Office, especially when he is angry.

With your success in mind, 



  1. Al Mendez | | Reply

    You will definitely need to keep us posted on the outcome of this situation with “Crazy.” I am TOTALLY impressed with your professionalism!!

    • Nomi Waters | | Reply

      Thanks Al. All I could think of was trying to find a way to get him to NOT come for his appointment without setting him off anymore. I have never had anyone go crazy like that over me calling them Sir and being polite. I never take it personally when they get mad but this guy was scary. On a positive note, his appointment was today 7/11/11 and he did NOT show up! The Dental office was ready, we had a plan but thank goodness, we didn’t have to use it! Thanks for your support.. Nomi

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