“I Want to Throw it Out the Window”

Guest Blog by ~ Sabrina the Super Cerec Girl

We live in the society of “instant satisfaction”. I want it now. In this age of the drive thru, what could be more perfect for your practice than CEREC technology? Same day crowns. Perfect. Only problem is, you purchased that Cerec 5 years ago, it is the most expensive coat rack in your office and just like that exercise bike at home…the coat throws over it nicely doesn’t it?

The number ONE thing Doctors tell me is “I want to throw it out the window”. Well, let’s review that as an option. First: My ‘territory’ is limited to cold states (If it’s not 20 below then my boss will send someone else to take care of you). He knows that I am one of his few employees that can aptly drive a compact rental car in 3 feet of snow and where long underwear with style. So Doctor-my first question to you is have you already purchased the ply wood for the window repair of contacted a glass man? Very few dental office windows actually open-and the few that do, certainly would struggle to get the Cerec physically THROUGH the window. It’s cold-and once that glass breaks-you are going to need to instantly resolve the window issue.

Two: If you are higher than the second floor, what will your liability insurance cover, if this big heavy machine (whole or in parts) hits someone? I will need you to make that call before you start to heave it.

Third: Do you routinely visit a chiropractor? Have you regular appointments scheduled? Please get on the phone and see when the next available opening is for an adjustment. You can then toss your Cerec out based upon your adjustment appointment. It is heavy and you will be in pain. I would hate for you to have to wait two days before your DC can fit you in. Finally: I wish when I parked that tiny compact rental which window you were considering…because from this position-Doc, that is MY Car under your window of choice. I don’t know if you are aware of this-but my week is REALLY messed up when you total a rental. Sadly, I know this from experience. So please, let’s consider other options.

Patterson is a company that specializes in total Cerec integration. From marketing, to insurance to treatment plans…but more importantly: predictable, consistent beautiful restorations. A Patterson employee will come to your office, observe your dentistry. Work with your specific machine on patients that you chose. Let’s face it, all computers are different. All dentists practice slightly differently. So what better way to master your Cerec skills then in your environment on the machine you will be using daily? I come to you if it is cold enough. I can dial your machine in so it purrs. Your assistant will be excited your front desk will love you and you won’t have to write off a total loss of a machine that “suddenly and abruptly rolled out the window”. You won’t have to try to explain to your insurance agent just what exactly happened to your Cerec or the window. The only one that will truly be sad about your consistent high-quality crowns with AMAZING margins and almost no adjustments will be your lab man. What will you do with the money you typically write to your lab? Retire earlier? Take the staff on a Miles Sun Fun Cruise?

Please Doc-think before you throw…and call me, Sabrina the Super Cerec Girl!

With your success in mind, 



  1. Charlotte | | Reply

    I have a CEREC crown and I LOVE IT! The doctor did a fantastic job shaping it and I was happy that I didn’t have to go in one day then go back in 2 weeks. I know some labs make some fantastic crowns but I couldn’t take 2 days off at that time. I have had mine for 3 years now and it’s still in great shape.

    I would hate to see some docs throw out their machines. Take some time to learn the machine then use that to draw in those impatient patients who don’t have 2 days to take off for dental work!

  2. Dr. Charles Payet | | Reply

    Guess I’ll have to find someone else to help train my staff then, since it’s a LOT warmer than 20 below here in Charlotte! LOL

    Actually, I might just have to call y’all next year for some staff training, once we hire another assistant. For now, though, I don’t let my staff use my Bluecam for one REALLY important reason……..IT’S TOO MUCH FUN!!!!!! LOL Seriously……….especially since the 4.0 update, I love “playing” on it. The results are better than ever, the tools are easy-to-find and use.

    For anyone wanting to learn, I’d also strongly recommend a http://www.CERECdoctors.com membership. It’s only about $350/year, I think, and they have about 75 hours of in-depth video tutorials, as well as very active Discussion Forums.

    Dr. Todd Ehrlich also has a new, 90-minute CEREC 4.0 tutorial/CE class available only through http://www.DentalTown.com, gives you 2 hours CE credit for only $36, and of course, the DT forums are a wealth of info.

    But I have heard wonderful things about Wiltrace, too!

    • Nomi Waters | | Reply

      Sabrina the Cerec girl no longer works for Wiltrace, she now works for Patterson. It is HER that I promote. Her skills follow her to every company that she works for. She has mad Cerec training skills!!

  3. Dr. Norman Katzoff | | Reply

    In my more than 20 years of practice, CEREC has by far been my best investment. I wouldn’t work without it. Like anything, education is the key.

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