Hey ~ That HSA money belongs to ME!

We once had a patient who scheduled an Invisalign consult with the Doctor.  When she came in to review her Clincheck, she loved the possible results that she could see right before her eyes! “Sign me up” she cried. “I want to straighten my teeth.”

Great the Doc said and walked the patient straight up front to see me. I sat down with her to discuss her financial options and quoted her a fee.  She had insurance that covered adult ortho, so she did not have much of a patient amount to pay. She immediately paid the down payment, and agreed to pay the rest the day she came to pick up her trays. Her case would soon be on its way; she would soon have straight teeth!

We filed a claim to her insurance and soon the insurance payments were received. When the aligners arrived at the office, we called her to come and get them. She arrived with a smile on her face; she was extremely excited to be on her way to the smile of her dreams. She was so happy, until I asked her to pay.

I asked her to pay the remaining portion, after her insurance paid. “I have not gotten my HSA dollars yet, when I get them, I will pay” she said.  “Hmm, that is not what we talked about Miss Patient” you said that you would pay. I went on to tell her that I knew how her HSA plan worked. When we submit to her Delta Dental plan, they pay the claim and forward the explanation over to her flex company. Once that happens, then the HSA manager sends her a hefty fat check.

She looked puzzled and scratched the top of her head when I asked her if she had received a check in the mail. She smiled with a sly grin, “Yes, but I just thought that the insurance company was sending me a refund.” I explained to her that others had been mistaken like that before, and asked her how she would like to pay.  “Pay” she said with a surprised look on her face, “I did not expect to pay, I no longer have that money, I bought myself a brand new TV.”What! You have GOT to be kidding me. Well, I am sure that you can guess how the story goes, it has been three months now, and we are still holding on to her trays until she can pay.


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  1. Livvie Matthews | | Reply

    Oh yes! We have walked down that path as well. It never ceases to amaze me how patients think they can get the work done and keep the insurance money when sent to them! Plus you go over in detail, repeat…in detail, with the patient what their portion is and when it is due for payment and still…. Oh well, fortunately the patient didn’t get the trays AND the money 🙂 Great post!

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