How Connected Are YOU?

A friend of mine from High school went to broadcasting college after High school. He studied and put in some time working as an intern for a local radio station.  All his hard work paid off, and he was hired to be the star of the drive time radio show!

He was so excited, and as his friends, so were we. How cool it was to have a friend in radio, not to mention all the concert tickets that he had us win! “Call me at 7:05 pm” he would say and when we did we were the 10th caller and we’d win! While that sounds nice, it was not free as there is always some price to pay.
The radio show required our DJ friend to do events for them. His job was to set up a booth and try to reel in new listeners and sponsors. He always needed help, and we were ready to oblige. We handed out his flyers; we cheered him on and laughed at his jokes. We brought our friends to make it look as he could draw a large crowd. We were pleased to help; it is what friends so and plus, it was fun!

Time marched on, and his popularity grew. He was recruited by a prominent radio station from the big city, one that had celebrity hosts and the works! We were happy for our friend while were unhappy that he had to leave. “I’ll keep in touch” he told us, and he did.

He called quite often and came to visit when he could but as his air time increased, his personal time became limited. He no longer had the time to keep in touch with his old friends. But, it did not matter; he hardly gave it a thought. He had made many new friends in his big time radio job. He had drinks with celebrities and producers alike, so he was discovered to be a TV show. He was bound to be a star!

The show did well, and he lived the high life, we rarely heard from him anymore so, we all moved on with our lives. Then one day it happened, his show was canceled and it all came crashing down to the end.  The big city was not kind once he fell off the list, and soon he had nowhere else to go. So he came home.

His plane was to land at 3:00 pm, he wrote in an email to us all he wanted a reunion, but no one returned his calls. We had all found new adventures of our on as he was off having star studded entertainment and had become too busy for our old friend.  There, he sat at the dinner table with his mom and his dad wishing that he had stayed connected with his friends.

You may wonder what this story has to do with a dental office, think about it, and then think again.

If you do not stay in touch with your patients, they may go off and find themselves a new friend. Remember that there are SIX MONTHS in between most dental cleaning and when they are not receiving their reminder call or postcard, you are not on their minds.

Then along comes a new dentist with a fancy new office, offering them a fantastic deal on whitening, if they come to see him for cleaning. Without your correspondence to show that you are thinking of them and that you care, they may just be tempted to give him a try. They think that you  will not miss them; you have plenty of patients to fill up you chairs. After all, they hardly know you, and you barely know them!

It is ALL about relationships, keep in touch and stay connected if you want to  thrive and succeed.

With your success in mind, 



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