I Am Not Doing Anymore Work Than She Does!

You know that you’ve heard that saying before in the dental office before and perhaps you have been the one who has said it. Come on admit it, you know that you have thought it at least once! 

Why are we so worried about what our co-workers are up to while they are at work? Why do we wonder if they are doing their share or not? You say that we’re not but admit it, we are.  I hear it every day in some form of gossip. One co-worker mentions to the other “I just walked by Julie’s desk and she was on the internet again”.  I always want to reply to this with a “who made you the office co-worker police?”

Why do co-workers worry about how fair the work load is? the answer is the word ~ Fair. We think that it is not fair. We worry because it’s not fair if one person does more work than someone else. It’s not fair if she gets paid for playing Farmville, it’s not fair that I had to seat that patient while Julie stood at the front desk and a chatted with Marcia.

Yes, it does stink that Julie gets paid the same as you do while you work hard and she stands idle eating doughnuts in the break room. You are better off as you are. You are better off to not follow her lead. Eventually the Office manager will run out of TV shows to talk about and notice that no one has filed the charts for a week! And Julie will put on tons of weight from all those doughnuts that she stands around eating so she will be the one that the Office Manager can easily see. That will make your spirit smile! As my Granny used to say “if you always give 100 percent, somehow things will work out in the end”.

No one ever said that life was fair but no one ever said that it couldn’t be funny. Take a moment or two to laugh at dental office dysfunction by reading the stories you’ll find here. All tell all your friends to come and check me out! If you would like to share your stories in return, drop me a line. I would love to hear your stories. If you would like to write a guest blog for this site, please send me your story and contact information to NomiWaters@gmail.com

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