I Can’t Believe She Wore That to Work!

She arrived on time for the interview, dressed in a nice blazer/skirt. Her appearance was professional, her demeanor was the same. The Doctor was impressed with the way she sat up straight with her hands folded in her lap. Her speech was intelligent, she seemed very smart, she had just moved to our town with her husband and kids. She was a dental assistant before moving here from a different state. She seemed perfect; he hired her on the spot!

“He hired her on the spot!” Marcia cried. I was afraid that she was going to have a heart attack when I told her that she would soon have a new co-worker. “What if I don’t like her” Marcia rambled on. Relax; I told Marcia, her name is Suzie, please try to give her a chance. “It’s never going to work out.” She claimed, cursing this new girl’s future before it even began.

Two weeks went by and Suzie’s first day was here! Marcia arrived that morning with a frown on her face. Marcia was not looking forward to meeting her self-appointed rival face to face. At 9:05 am, in strolled our new employee, Miss Suzie had arrived but she was five minutes late!

Marcia sauntered over with a smug look on her face. “Late on her first day, it’s not going to work out I say” she whispered with glee. With a look up her and once down again, our nice kind Marcia suddenly let her feelings fly free. “What the hell are you wearing?” she yelled at our new girl “What happened to your professional suit?”

I looked over at Suzie who was still only half way in the door. She was not the well dressed for success girl who was at that interview. She was dressed like a floozy in low cut T-Shirt with her pink bra showing right through it! She had on a skirt, but it was so short that I was afraid she would bend over and show everything that she’s has! Oh my, I thought, does she really think that she is going to sit at the front desk with those sunglasses on her heard? Guess what, true story ~ she did. We had to remind her many times that it was not OK!

Suzie’s stay at the Dental Office was short; she had many other problems other than the way that she dressed, so we had to let her go.  We could have easily put her in a uniform to overcome her interesting sense of style! We were looking for someone who knew that their appearance everyday on the job is just as important as the day that they had the interview and she was not it.

It is easy to get comfortable in your environment and dress down. Don’t let yourself fall into that path, dress for success! And when you interview for a new employee, make sure that they are not putting on an act during the interview, for us, it was a lesson learned.

With your success in mind,


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