I didn’t Know, It Wasn’t Me.

Blame, where do you place it? Do you take responsibility for your own actions or do you point your finger at the rest of the world? Do you Step up and take it like a man or do you run away and hide? Are you stupid smart, just playing the role of the dumb and naïve, just to get out of paying the piper?

One day at the Dental Office, there was a lab case that was placed in the wrong lab box, and sent to the wrong dental lab. It was an out of town lab, so it was not an easy fix. The patient’s appointment needed to be rescheduled, and of course, the patient was on a deadline. A deadline that now, just because of our mistake, was not going to be met, and now the patient was upset.

The Doctor was MAD! Heads were going to roll! The staff was all questioned, “Who done it?” And the fingers began to point, nobody wanted to feel the heat of the Doctor’s glare. The Assistants all claimed not me, and the hygienist cried out, “Hey, I just clean their teeth. I don’t know anything about boxing impressions.”  The Front desk managed to whisper, while she pointed at Julie, “she told me to call the lab for a pick up.” The Doctor’s face began to turn red as the accusations began to roll off of their tongues.

Now obviously someone put that case in the wrong box, and it was nothing more than an honest mistake. The Doctor was mad and it showed, so the team was afraid. When people are afraid of getting into trouble, they will lie and point fingers. But when they lie and point fingers, it is why the Doctor gets mad. It is a vicious cycle, one that never seems to end.

You may be thinking, the Doctor shouldn’t get so mad; and believe that this blog was written to send the Doctor that message. Nope, it is not, it is just the opposite; this one is for the team. This one is to tell them, come on. Just step up. Just own up to your mistake, if you boxed up the case just say so, maybe you’re just having a bad day. Sure the Doctor, won’t be happy, but if you stand up, admit you messed up and try to learn from your mistake. If you hold yourself accountable, you will find the situation will be more positive for everyone involved.

With your success in mind, 


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