I Would Like to Make an Appointment

The other day, the Doctor that I work for asked me to call and schedule him an appointment at a Chiropractor’s office. Usually, I would laugh and tell him that I am not his wife with a sassy come back tossing out a line such as, “do it yourself”.  But, I was in a generous mood and his back really was hurting, so I decided to help. My happy mood ended as soon as the receptionist answered the phone.

The call began when it was answered with a harshly toned voice that said; “Doctor Lumbar’s office, hold please”. Just like that, I was put on hold. The receptionist never asked my permission or even paused for me to answer; I was just immediately put on hold. After an unusually long wait, she came back and asked me “what is the reason for your call?” I told her that I wanted to schedule a new patient appointment for my Doctor.  No response, she waited a few seconds before I heard her gasp and she managed to utter; “well, OK.”

After another heavy sigh, she asked me for his name, address and phone. That was easy, I had that information, and then she asked me if I had his insurance card.  “No” I replied “I do not”. She began to explain to me that she could not schedule an appointment without the insurance card. “Why” I asked her with a puzzled expression that she could not see. “I do not understand; my Doctor only wants a consult, and your ad says that they are free.”

That is our policy she stated, I could tell that she meant business. I was not going to make an appointment with out that card, being who I am, I tried one more time. “My Doctor is a dentist, he makes lots of money and can pay, let’s not worry about the insurance card.”  I was hoping that she would realize, that money and insurance were not a barrier to my Doctor but, she could not see.

“I need you to have his insurance information handy before you can schedule” she repeated. Then she added, “They always say they will pay and they do not” now, she sounded like she was mad.  “Listen, this is ridiculous” I said, “I am going to hang up now.” And that is exactly what I did, and then I went to see my friend, Google, found the phone number for the Chiropractor down the block from Dr. Lumbar’s office and made my Doctor an appointment there.

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