Is She Really Your Friend?

The Dental Office used to have a colleague who shared the rent, a rent sharing situation. The doctor for the “renting” practice was a specialist, and Oral Surgeon who had an unusually small team.

One day, the hygienist and the assistant for this Doctor were talking. They were not making an effort to be quiet; they did not seem to care if anyone overheard. The Assistant was complaining about the Doctor, bending the Hygienist’s ear. She was not terribly happy; she did not have anything nice to say.

The hygienist quietly listened, occasionally nodding at what she heard. The assistant told her that the Doctor was stupid and that she wished she could find a new job. While the hygienist did not say that the doctor was stupid, she did not try to stop the assistant from saying what she needed to say. The conversation soon came to an end.

They both went about their business and continued on with their day. At lunch time, the Assistant took the hygienist out to lunch; she seemed extremely happy that she had found such a loyal friend.

The day came to an end, and the assistant was the first to leave, she said good night to the Doctor, with a smile and a wave to her hygienist friend, she was out the door.

Not less than one minute after I heard the click of the door as that assistant left the building, the hygienist asked to have a conversation with her Doctor. The hygienist told the Doctor every word that the assistant had said about him. Miss Hygienist told him that his employee called him stupid and every other sorted detail.

I just shook my head and turned my head, I knew what would happen the next day at work.

The next morning when the assistant came to work, the hygienist was already there. They greeted each other with a giggle and talked about their favorite shows. Little did the assistant know that her friend was not so friendly when she was not around.

This specialist is no longer at our office, the rent sharing is done and they have gone on their way. I wonder if the assistant ever figured out that the hygienist was not really her true friend?

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