Why Hasn’t the Lab Delivered the Patient’s Crown?

It all started, when the phone rang at the dental office, it was our dental lab. They were calling with the usual question, “when is Mr. Patient’s appointment?” Whenever they ask this question, it means that the lab needs more time to complete the case than we had requested on the Rx. I wondered what the problem was; maybe we just did not give them enough time? We thought that four weeks would be enough time, but maybe we were wrong! I told the lab employee, the patient’s appointment date. After a long pause, she said that it was not going to work for them; we would need to reschedule.

UGH! We have to reschedule the patient again. This is not the first time that this has happened, Mrs. Happe was not terribly happy, last time we had to reschedule and appointment because of the lab. This time the appointment was for an 8 unit case, an unusually long seat appointment that took up an entire after noon. I reluctantly called the patient to reschedule; Mr. Noble understood but did mention twice that he would have to ask his boss for another afternoon off of work. We sent him a gift card for the inconvenience; the lab did not send us one; they did not even apologize!

Finally after some rearranging of our schedule, we told Mr. Noble to come in on the day that they lab said they would have the case delivered. The case was to come in the morning; the patient’s appointment was that afternoon, so we waited. We waited and then we waited some more; after some time, we called the lab and they told us that the driver was on his way!

Mr. Noble arrived and yet there was no case; our assistant grabbed the phone and called up the lab again. We were shocked when they told us that the case had already been delivered. We asked all of our team members, nope, no one saw Bob come and drop off the case. Suddenly the phone rang, it was the dental lab; they found Mr. Nobel’s case. It was delivered just as they promised, but to the wrong Doctor! There was a slight problem, it was not delivered by the driver, the case was accidentally mailed to a Doctor in another state!

This time Mr. Noble was not as understanding and our Doctor was left with egg all over his face. We bought our troubled patient a lovely gift and seated this case on a Saturday. He was happy that he did not have to take any more time off of work and even happier that he finally got his new teeth!

The Dental office no longer uses this lab; it was two strikes and you are out. We now use an impressive lab that works exceptionally well with us and knows how to deliver a case on time!

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  1. Garry Clements | | Reply

    You definitely needed a new lab! I’m glad you found one that not only works for you but works for your patients as well!

  2. Sheen Dental Cosmetics | | Reply

    Always 2 days early! If I get a call from a Dental Office looking for a case I calmly remind them to look in back :)) …Time lost is Money Lost!!!

  3. Patrick Girouard | | Reply

    That’s why you need CEREC or the equivalent! Especially for single units… labs do prefer multiple unit cases anyways. Patients love coming in for a single appointment for their crown!

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