My Name is… Nomi Waters

My name is Nomi Waters. OK, I’ll admit it ~ that is not the name listed on my birth certificate, but it is the name that most of my close friends call me. My given name is Christine; my pen name is Nomi Waters. It has been for years; it has become such a part of me that if you were to call out “Hey Nomi Waters” on a busy street, I would turn and look to see who was calling out for me.

My Journey as Nomi Waters began in 2010 when I made a parody video about an employee’s performance review, it gained a ton of shares on Facebook and since it was fun to make, I made another. This next video was about two dental office employees talking about their lunch break, it went viral, and to date it has over 36 thousand views…

And once you go viral there is no turning back!

As the dental community began to watch my videos, they wanted to join in on the fun. People sent me stories, ideas, and a few even asked to have a starring role. Looking back at all of the years that I have worked as a dental office manager, I  knew that I had plenty of dysfunctional stories to share! The videos continued until I discovered how to blog.

It was obvious that I had more to say than a three minute video could hold so I began to write my stories into a blog, and posted them on a website that I created by myself. As I began to learn about websites and content, I added more information and pages to my sight to help my SEO grow. I realized that I had learned enough from the CE  classes that I have attended over the many years of my in dentistry that I had some tips that I could share to help others. Armed with this thought, I added a tips section to my site. Next, I had the idea to add my LIKES and recommend some of my favorites sites. I discovered how fun it is to help other people learn, and to help their office grow by marketing to get more new patients!

The feedback from my site was great people really seemed to like my tips and the entries to my blogs. I had many doctors tell me that they have shared my tips and stories with their dental teams and the team members  have told me how they relate to my stories and they liked to laugh at them.  So I wrote some more, I love to entertain and help others!

As my character continued to come alive, I began to get requests from vendors and consultants to promote. I was happy to help, if I liked them and their product, my choice as I never have asked for any pay, but it did result in free admission to a seminar or two!

During my journey as Nomi, I realized that I had a knack for helping people make connections. Introducing and helping them to make business connections. A consultant once told me that I should be a PR agent, that she’d hire me for sure! I like to help others connect and when I see them work together on a project, it makes me smile.

I introduced my husband, Al to the dental community via my real life and virtual friends. My husband has worked in social media for years, mostly with Twitter and when he started a website/SEO company called Making Web. I just knew that he could offer the dentists a great product at an honest price with fabulous customer service, but this is not his story or a means to promote his business, so that is all I am going to say!

Nomi WatersIt’s been an interesting journey, sharing my personality via a cartoon character. Yes, I said sharing my personality. While the name I use is a pen name, and my photo is a cartoon, what you see is what you get, the personality is real. It’s who I am; just ask any of my real life friends.

Through Nomi Waters, I have made a lot of great friendships. I have gained some fans, and yes, even a critic, or maybe even two! I have been blessed with many potential opportunities and offered a few jobs. I have had people ask me personal questions, and I have had personal information about me emailed, without my consent, anonymously to someone the sender hoped wasn’t a fan. I have been given praise, and I have been the subject of slander on someone’s Facebook profile wall.

I have been invited to attend a few fabulous seminars, and to speak on a few teleconference calls.  I have made a few good choices, and a few bad ones too. I have trusted some good people, and unfortunately, a few bad ones too. I have been accused of being a Madow, or at least having them pull my puppet strings! I had to laugh at that one, as anyone who really knows me knows that I am nobody’s puppet; no one tells me what to think, what to say or what to do. I am sure there is more, but I think you get the picture. My life as Nomi Waters has been just that ~ My Life.

So there you have, that is my story. Why tell it now? Why suddenly show my face after beginning this journey as a mystery blogger who no one knows who is behind the pen? 

Why not? Now seems like as good as time as any since most of you already know who I am.

What is next for Nomi Waters? There will no be any changes, Nomi will live on, and continue just the same. The only difference is that you now know that Nomi Waters is definitely a real person. A dental office manager, who is just a writer, a blogger, and a wannabe comedian entertaining with her blog!

Not enough details for you? Well, I certainly wasn’t going to give away my full name, rank, and serial number to the public just to satisfy a jealous critic. If you want to know more, Just Ask Me!
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  1. Nomi Waters | | Reply

    Thanks for your nice comments Vicki ~

    “Nomi Waters, through her characters in ‘The Dental Office’, provided much needed stress relieve in our industry. Who is she? Who cares! Her edgy, slightly sarcastic, viewpoint highlights the frustrations felt by many. She found a way to cleverly disguise great advice for all of us — especially ‘consultants’. As her character evolved through Facebook threads and blogs, her recommendations expanded. Some product recommendations likely benefited friends and family — again — Who cares! Wouldn’t we all prefer to do business with people we trust? Personally, I hope that Nomi’s reign continues, long after people figure out who she is.”

    Vicki McManus, CEO
    Productive Dentist Academy, inc
    Neighborhood Smiles, llc
    —– serial entrepreneur

    • Vicki McManus | | Reply

      Will you be a speaker for us? You not only created a character worth following, the advice was generally spot on! Let me know!!!
      vicki and Bruce

      • Nomi Waters | | Reply

        Yes! and yes, again. I love you and Triple B !!!

  2. The Dental Warrior | | Reply

    Welcome? Congrats? Not sure what to say. But, you look great with that handsome feller in that photo up there! 😉

    • Nomi Waters | | Reply

      He is a handsome feller and one hell of a nice guy too !!!!

  3. David Madow | | Reply

    My name is NOT Nomi Waters!!! So if you were one of those nice people spreading untruths, it’s time that you come clean and apologize to everyone you ever lied to!

    • Nomi Waters | | Reply

      yes… They need to stop…Also that person who sent that anyomous email about me and slandered me over the phone to a mutual friend should grow up and stop too! Your negativity will not do anything for your business…time to let it go!

  4. Terry | | Reply

    Nomi, I have known for a long time who you were, and have come to love you.

    No folks she never was and never has been Dave Madow, I know him too, and boy do they look different

    • Nomi Waters | | Reply

      Terry, You are fabulous. love you tons! You’re like a sister to me.

  5. dentaltruther | | Reply

    Very brave of you to tell your real name after you made several videos about others under the guise of a cartoon character. We shouldn’t be proud of you, we should use you as an example of what not to do. You expect others to feel bad for people doubting you while you characterize others as dishonest. In short, you suck.

    • Nomi Waters | | Reply

      And it’s very brave of you to post this slander comment without posting your real name or email address. Should we be proud of you? Should we jump to follow your advice? I can guarandamtee that no one is impressed by your slander… Maybe YOU and your comment should be used as an example of what not to do. Maybe you should stand up like a real man (or woman) and tell us who you are! You say that I expect others to feel bad about you doubting me and thinking that I am David Madow? I do? Really, interesting…do you realize that you are pointing your crooked finger at me while you post an anonoymous comment that was sent to my blog from a tower near Richmond Virgina?? I suck? Are you a Jr High School student, you must be…

      • David Madow | | Reply

        Nomi… you figured out who it was? I always knew you were a genius! Long live Nomi Waters!

        • Nomi Waters | | Reply

          I traced the IP of the anonymous comment posted so I know where it came from.
          Thanks Dave for your support….Hopefully I will live to 102, maybe if I keep reading your health blog , I will!

          • David Madow | | Reply

            Perhaps the lad that tried to be anonymous does not have as much of an understanding of social media as he thinks! We should all know that everything can be traced! That’s why I learned to always take the high road when online. Never pays to say anything bad. Be kind – that works! 😉

            • Nomi Waters | | Reply

              Yes..take the high road. People can sense an angry soul even when there is an attempt to hide the anger in a implied post/ comment, behind an anonymous comment or email….and yes, they can tell when someone is trying to play victim and make others out to be “evil” just because they are mad.

  6. Sabrina | | Reply

    I didn’t know Nomi was going to come ‘out of the closet’ but everything above is true. I’ve known Christine for 3 years, before the birth of Nomi. In fact, there is a picture of us on this page enjoying a girls night out dinner.
    Why the need for others to ‘unmask’ batman is beyond me. Enjoy Nomi for Nomi, doesn’t matter who she is after hours. She knows private things about me and doesn’t feel the need to betray my trust or expose my ‘secrets’ nor do I feel the same need to ‘out’ her. Guess what? In the famous words of Oprah Winfrey “My pee is yellow too”–yep, so is mine, Nomi’s, Fred Joyal’s and Dave Madow’s (well, I know Dave too, Dave drinks A LOT of water-his is probably very very pale-just sayin)
    We are all just mere mortals, with a working life, a public life and a private personal life.

    • David Madow | | Reply

      Nice one Sabrina!!! You totally “get it.” There is only one reason that a handful of people harped on this Nomi thing, spreading lies – it’s called JEALOUSY!!! And oh, one more thing… insecurity. But it doesn’t matter one bit what the crazies say. Actually I kind of like it. Bring it on!!!

  7. Charles Payet | | Reply

    Nomi, so glad to get to know the real you! I’ve certainly enjoyed getting to know you by your pen name, and you always have some really good tips, ideas, and a great dose of humor.

    Hopefully the animosity can be let go and this whole thing simply allowed to disappear.

    • Nomi Waters | | Reply

      Thanks Chip. I really appreciate that!

  8. Livvie Matthews | | Reply

    Nomi, you will always be Nomi Waters to me and reveal or no reveal…you’ve always had my support! I’ve loved your video’s for the humor and even truth at times that they’ve held. So many offices, teams, and stories…and to have many of them on video…to laugh, to cry, to be enlightened by is absolutely priceless!

    You help make our days brighter, our faces light up with a smile, and our laughter a little hardier! You’ve even managed to teach us a thing or two along the way…all through a character…and I mean a character….named Nomi Waters who I’m extremely please to call my freind!! 🙂

  9. Gary Takacs | | Reply

    I have known Christine (Nomi) for quite some time now and absolutely love the passion and humor that she brings to the dental profession. Having FUN is a necessary element of a successful practice and I love the way that Nomi helps us all see things from a fun perspective. I learn things from Nomi every day! I have always said that it is perfectly OK to take our work seriously, because the work that we do is indeed important…….But just don’t take yourself so serious! Thanks Nomi & Christine. I LOVE ya both!!

    • Nomi Waters | | Reply

      Gary ~ You ROCK! Your experience and knowledge is impressive and you’re a pretty darn good dancer too! Thanks for your support, it’s been a pleasure to getting to know you as NOMI and as Christine! Look forward to speaking to you again soon. Love you too!

  10. Teresa Duncan | | Reply

    Love Nomi, love Christine – you are one of the most fun friends I have on FB and look forward to meeting you in person one day!

    • Nomi Waters | | Reply

      Thanks Teresa! You are one of my favorite FB friends too! I hope we get to meet in person soon!

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