Patient Coordinator ~ It’s My J O B

Just like you, every morning, I get up before the chickens at five o’clock in the morning.  I crawl out of bed and sleep walk through a quick shower. Quickly slap on some make-up, so I won’t scare the patients. I throw on my scrubs and hit the door running, hoping that the car has enough gas in it so I can make it to work!

I am the patient coordinator at the Dental Office, I run the front desk. I am the heart of the Dental Office. I do it all and I do it all at once, I am a “multi-tasker”.  I am expected to confirm and schedule the patient’s appointments at the same time, while I am greeting AND exiting the last hygiene patient. I am supposed to automatically know their dental insurance group number and recite their benefits to them like I am Wikipedia. As for the staff, if they don’t know where it is, how to do it, or just plain don’t want to handle it, it is dumped on my desk!

Besides being the office “mommy” I am also the marketing expert for the office. I market our dental office in every way that I can, you name it and I have probably tried it as long as it is legal. I market internally, I market externally.  I have tried it all; from newspaper print ads to a patient referral program, donations to schools for their auctions and purchased ads for church programs and  let’s not forget, managing our own community events. I also manage the direct mailer program with Madow Promail and run the office Social Media Marketing program with Facebook, Twitter, linked-in and of course those Google ad words and local places!

I do this every day- eat, sleep, rise and repeat. Patient Coordinator ~ It’s my J O B!

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  1. Sally | | Reply

    As a former patient coordinator, I feel your vibe completely! But remember, there are very few of us out there that can do what you do each day for the practice and for the team! It IS your job and you ARE AWESOME!! You go girl! Thanks for being a voice for the rest of us! You are a really just what “the doctor ordered” on so many levels!

    • Nomi Waters | | Reply


      You’re totally awesome too~ 🙂

      Thanks so much for your comments.


  2. Nikki | | Reply

    You make me smile, Nomi!

  3. Ligia | | Reply

    Nomi, i really enjoy reading your blog.
    I am also a bussiness manager / patient coordinator / team coordinator / financial coordinator / marketing director / insurance expert / in charge of accounts receivables, eligibility, payroll, managing social media, creating and managing our own website and many others.
    I don’t know what hat i’m supposed to wear on a particular day. One thing is certain: I LOVE WHAT I DO, i LOVE DR. MARUSKA and it is a pleasure for me to wake up and go to work every day.
    I walk in with a smile and i walk out with the same smile. My husband doesn’t need to know about all the bad experiences i had that particular day…. i disconnect as soon as i walk out the office door.
    I CERTAINLY not answer office calls, txts or anything like that from Friday – Sunday like some of my fellow office managers do.

    I look at it as a blessing to be able to have a job in such economic times…..

    • Nomi Waters | | Reply

      Let me thank you for what you do every day at your office. I sense that you work hard! Thanks for LIKING my blog, keep watching, there are more stories and tips to share!

  4. Lesley Robbins | | Reply

    I love your blog!! I am so glad to know that there are others out there who feel just like I do. I am also the patient coordinator/ insurance guru/ receptionist……the list is never ending, but I love what I do. Love the posts and keep em’ coming!!


    • Nomi Waters | | Reply

      Lesley, Thanks so much for the compliment and thanks for what you do everyday in your office! It is an awesome job and I love it too, except for the other day when the printer broke… Nomi

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