Sometimes, All You Have To Be Is Nice

health-benefits-of-being-niceWith some patients being nice is enough.  All you have to do is smile, touch their shoulder, ask about their kids and they will accept any treatment that you recommend. They will come to their appointments just to see you so they can ask you about your kids. They look at you and see a professional in a white coat and they instantly trust you because you were nice to them.

Don’t you wish that all your patients were all like that?

It seems that lately there are less of the instantly trusting patients and more of the demanding non-trusting kind walking in the front door. Times have been tough for a lot of people and they are not so willing to part with the money to pay for a crown when the tooth doesn’t even hurt! You have to show them what you’re worth; you have to show them that you’re the best and that they can trust you.

It is in the little things that you and your team come into contact with them. It is whatever you do (and say) while they are in your office or on your phone. all-love-wont-forget-little--large-prf-1275747859

If your receptionist uses bad grammar, she will not WOW your scholarly patients. If your assistant has to keep leaving the operatory to go find an instrument, the anxious patient in the chair will lose confidence that you are prepared. If your office has dust on the door sills and your patient sees it, they will think that your office is not clean and that must mean that your instruments must not be clean!

The truth is that people buy from those that they know, like and trust and in these current times,  you have to work a little harder to earn that trust and prove your worth.

But how?

Train your team and practice, practice, practice.

OracleTrainingHave regular team meetings, occasionally review your polices and systems so your team is consistent in how they are performing. Role play interactions with patients, take turns pretending to be a patient and ask each other questions that you have heard from actual patients. Replay situations that have gone wrong to get it right the next time.

Attend continuing education classes together, watch training videos, and attend webinars with your team. Be prepared and ready, your patients will be impressed.  Teach your team to take the time to find common links with your patients; it’s important that the patients bond with your team just as much as they do with you.

Do whatever works for you, just train your team.

With your success in mind, 




  1. David Moffet | | Reply

    Nomi Waters you are so right about earning trust in this difficult new economy. It certainly is a great time to review all policies and procedures with respect to gaining the trust and treatment acceptance from your valuable patients. It’s a great time to separate your office from those nearby by upping your customer service and the pleasure you give to your clients.

    • Nomi Waters | | Reply

      Thanks David. Yes, I agree it’s a great time to separate yourself form your competition with great customer service!

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