When Was the Last Time That You Said Thank you?

Claudia, a patient at our dental office, came to her appointment wearing a convenient store work shirt. I asked her the obvious question; “did you get a new job at the convenient store?” Claudia beamed as she told me about the great new job that she had just landed at the neighborhood Stop and Go.

As we chatted, I mentioned that a brand new Stop and Go had just opened near my house. She was very proud to tell me about how she was chosen to help that particular store get ready for its grand opening. Claudia explained to me, that Stop and Go was a much better store to work at than other convenient stores. I asked her, “Why, do you get paid better than the other stores?” She replied “No, but my boss is such a great guy”. She went on to tell me all about him and how she feels that he really appreciates his employees.

Claudia explained how her boss is always telling her and her co-workers “Thank you” and “Great Job”. She told me a story about the day that he was inspecting the store; he noticed that the bathroom was a mess. Claudia said instead of telling the workers to clean it up, he rolled up his sleeves and just started cleaning it! She said that his willingness to do this made the employees feel like they were part of his team, not just his paid workers. With one small action, which was probably pretty gross, he had gained Claudia and her co-worker’s loyalty.

This story about Claudia’s pride in her job, led me to think about the jobs that I’ve had and the bosses that I have worked for. The last Doctor that I was employed by was not very good at saying “I appreciate you”. Instead he would just say “your paycheck is your thank you”. This is sad, and not a smart way to think, because it is the little “Thank yous and Great jobs” that really mean the most to the team. It is the small actions that build loyalty within a team. Needless to say, the Doctor that I used to work for didn’t have a very happy and productive team and the staff turnover was high.

The Doctor that I work for now is great, he says “Thank you and great job” all the time just like the convenient store boss! He brings in flowers for no reason,  puts on them on the front desk just to make the atmosphere nice. Every so often, just for fun, he takes us all to lunch. The year before last he took us to Las Vegas to TBSE. Our entire staff went and we stayed for an extra day! We spent our days enjoying the best seminar ever with the Crazy Brothers and our nights watching the lights twinkle over on the strip.

We didn’t go to TBSE last year, but we are hopeful that we will get to this year on 11-11-11. We have already started working on the Doc, we are trying really hard to convince him take us this year! We really want to go; it is at Planet Hollywood, a casino resort located right on the strip. This year if we get to go, we will spend our days listening to great speakers and learning how to help our office grow! We will have fun and become motivated. We will spend time bonding with our team and building better work relationships. And then after a fun day with the Crazy Brothers; some of us will go eat at PF Chang, then go shopping at the Miracle Mile Mall, while the rest of us will roam the strip and Party! But we won’t tell our Doctor that part; remember what happens in Vegas…..

So Doc, if you are reading this; Hint, Hint ~




*special thank you to Angie Christine for the TBSE beach photo*

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