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As the Office Manager for the Dental Office, everyday I have the pleasure (and displeasure) of dealing with vendors, sales people, consultants and supply reps….the list goes on and on! After a few years in this business, I have learned how to cut through the crap, and quickly figure out if I should do business with them or run!

Of all the vendor calls that I get every day, I love the cold calls from the SEO guys the best! They call me at the worst time, and tell me that they can get me to number one on Google!  I ask them how they found my phone number and 99% of the time they say “on the internet.” Hmmm.. interesting. When I am in the mood to mess with them, I ask them to Google our office, and tell me what position we are currently in. I ask them to tell me just how they are going to get me any higher than Google page one, positions 1-3! (by the way, the cocky ones usually try).

I don’t have time to do business with folks who just want to tell me what I want to hear, or try to tell me a bunch of bull to get me to buy their product or service. I am sure that you don’t either.  I have complied a list of some of the men who I know, and have done business with. Out of all the folks that the Dental Office has done business with, I stand by my words when I say these guys are the BEST!

They are honest, they are nice, they are kind and they really do care. They say what they mean, and they mean what they say! If you ever get a chance to meet them or do business with have my word on it, you won’t regret it!

Gary Takacs ~    

This man is a pro’s pro. The best of the best. His webinars are informative, and his content is dynamite. The Dental Office uses his morning huddle system, it helps our office run smoothly every day!  His teleconference calls  are interesting, and full of tips that you can really use! Not only is Gary a great mentor, and a superior teacher, he is one of the nicest guys that you’ll ever meet! I am honored to call him friend. If you get a chance hop on over to Itunes, and listen to his podcasts, just look for the Thriving Dentist. You’ll be glad that you did.

 Dr. Micheal Barr ~ 

 Whenever you are not sure about something, and need an honest opinion, this is the man to ask. He will call ’em like he sees (or read) ’em. And this man is SMART.  He always has something intelligent to say, with all that knowledge in his head, I am surprised that it doesn’t explode! His Blog, The Dental Warrioris informative and very entertaining, it is my favorite one to read! He posts a lot of news articles on Facebook, about bad guys and guns. While sometimes his posts scare the S*#t out of me, (home invasions) I always know that I can count on one thing, they are not full of BS! You should click on the link above, or this one, the Dental Warrior and check out his blog. I am betting that you’ll end up clicking subscribe!

Al Ferretti ~

If you want to know where Google is heading ask My Pal Al. He can give you more stats about internet marketing and responsive websites then your mind can hold! He can teach you how to market on the internet, and reach people on their smart phones! Al is honest as the day is long, you can tell that he is not just out there looking to make a buck. The Dental Office worked with him when we bought a mobile website, and he also helped us with some SEO. We are VERY happy, and proud to say that now, we are on Google, page one. Our responsive website is new, and most folks are just learning how to use the internet on their smart phones, but even so, we have been contacted by patients who have reached us from their phones. Al’s customer service skills are top-notch, he is very polite, he knows his stuff, and never have we had such a quick response. He did a super job, no complaints from us, everything was promptly done. If you’re looking to jump on the train to Google, call up My Pal Al and ask him about his responsive websites!

Dr. David Madow ~

David Madow has been helping Dental Offices  become successful since 1989, and he makes it really fun. Personally, I think he is a  genesis and one hell of a savvy marketer, someone worth aspiring to be like. He can help you grow your practice, and teach you how to eat healthy all at the same time! The Dental Office is proud to be a member of the Madow powerhouse group, we have learned more than we ever expected, and it continues everyday. Dave is one of the most generous, kind and caring people who I’ve ever met. His lovely wife, Yoko, is exactly the same. Earlier this year, the Dental Office went through a rough patch, Dave Madow stepped up,without being asked, and helped us out.  I can’t tell you how much we appreciated his kindness, Dave Madow is the BEST! If you ever get a chance to see him in action,I advise you to jump at the opportunity so you don’t miss out. You’ll leave his seminar, extremely motivated, and ready to take on the world! I can’t say enough nice things about this man, so I think I will just quit.  Visit his blog or visit his website and find out for yourself!

There are many, many more men of honor that I would love to have added to this blog, but the average attention span is shorter than my list. So, If you weren’t mentioned, I apologize, please take no offense, it was not intentional that you were missed. You know who you are, and you know that I love you ALL!

With your success in mind, 




  1. dentalva | | Reply

    WOW! I whole heartedly agree with this list! Great blog Nomi!! Thank you!

  2. TheDentalWarrior | | Reply

    Wow. Thanks! I’m so flattered. You rock, Nomi! Every dentist should be so lucky as to have a team member as smart and driven as you are.

  3. Kristin Nickells | | Reply

    Hi Nomi! I have just discovered your site. Wow! I’ve been working in the ‘biz’ for over 25 years. You just NAIL it, girl! One thing….I now teach dentists business skills (combined business degree, dental experience (OM) and coaching degree to create a business-skills training program for dentists!). I would LOVE to see a video on how dentists struggle and cope with lack of business know-how! In fact, would love to give you some material!! What do you think?? Cheers, Kristin.

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