The Dental Community Speaks to Dr. Oz

“Dental community ~ Let’s all band together and tell Dr. Oz that we don’t care for the dental advice that he gives to his viewers.  Please, let’s all contact him and demand that he does a show on dental care and that he uses our expert panel to be the ones speak on this show.”   ~ Nomi Waters~

This comment is just one example of the many comments that have been posted on the Facebook page of Dr. Mehmet Oz over the past two days. The Dental community is outraged and we are speaking out!

Why? Because; Dr.Oz is at it again! Just the other day, on his show, I heard him mentioned a healthy way to take care of your teeth. He said that we could eat celery to remove stains from our teeth. Celery to remove stains; I wondered just how much celery would one have to eat? I could just imagine all the loyal fans out there in TV land who were taking in every word and then running to the store to stock up on celery stalks. It made me laugh.

I laughed at this crazy advice but yet, I knew that people really will take this celery advice to heart and believe it or at least use it as an excuse not to see their dentist for professional teeth cleanings. Times are tough and we all know that dental care expenses are the first ones that people will cut. As I wondered about this, I went to his Facebook page and read through all the posts that were there. I found comments that showed me that people really do take this man seriously. On his page I found posts from all kinds of folks who were begging him to give them some advice.

A bit bothered by my thoughts, I did what I do best, I took to my Facebook page and posted. This was met with replies from many, including, Jill Kring Carter. Jill and I began to chat through this thread and before I knew it, she had influenced me to make a video and take this campaign to the people on Facebook.

Together, we decided that it is time to tell Dr. Oz ~ enough is enough! Dr. Oz should invite some real dental experts on his show to talk to the people and let the public know the true facts. Lemon juice will not whiten their teeth, it will erode them and when used with baking soda, it is even worse! We discussed the names of the dentists who are on our friend lists and realized that they are the real dental experts, they are not like the Hollywood dentists that we usually see on those types of shows.

We felt that our friends should be the ones to be on the show, not some Hollywood dentist; it should be a dentist who sees the average person, like the people who watch the Dr. Oz show. From this, the idea was born to persuade Dr. Oz to put a panel of our chosen experts on his stage to educate the public on the dangers of using lemon juice and baking soda to brush and to let them know that celery is for your salad, not to remove stains on teeth! Our dental experts should go on his show to teach the people the proper way to care for their teeth. This campaign was started to let Dr. Oz know that the dental community is outraged and to encourage him to start sharing the correct facts on dental care and oral health on his show.

Please join our campaign. Watch my video and share it with your friends, then go to Dr Oz’s website and send him an e-mail or go to his Facebook page and leave a post on his wall. Lets work together and let Dr. Oz know that the dental community does not agree with the dental advice that he gives to his viewers.Thanks for your help.

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