The Flow of the Dental Office Patient Visit

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The patient calls the office for an appointment.


Patient enters office is greeted by the Patient Coordinator.


The Patient coordinator collects all necessary patient data and passes on to clinical team member.

stock-footage-dentist-carrying-out-an-examination-of-his-patient-s-oral-cavity-crane-shotThe Doctor examines the patient and passes treatment information, appointment times onto clinical team member. 

The Clinical Team member escorts the patient and passes on instructions to schedule future appointments to the patient coordinator. The patient coordinator collects monies due and schedules the patient.

Patient leaves the office feeling happy and well cared for.122455518

A successful patient visit!

If a team member doesn’t clearly communicate and hand off information during the flow of the patient appointment, the result will be a breakdown in the flow leaving the team members confused and the patient appointment will not be as pleasurable. No WOW experience for the patient!

Sit down with your team and discuss this …





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