The Story of an Unhappy Caller.

The Dental Office phone rang; I answered it with the same cheery voice I use every time it rings. “Thank you for calling the Dental office, this is Nomi, I can help you!” The voice on the other end was not so cheery. “I want to talk to someone about a bill” the caller demanded.

“I can help you” I said with a smile. “I want to know why I am getting a bill, I paid my portion at the time of the crown” the caller abruptly stated.  She continued on without missing a beat (or letting me respond) I should not be getting a bill; I have insurance”.

When she finally took a breath so I could talk, I simply said.  “May I ask with whom I am speaking?” Her response after a heavy sigh, was “don’t you have caller ID?”  GEEZ… why call someone, ramble on and on about your complaint, demand an answer about your account, and not tell them your name?

After explaining to her that her name did not show up with the phone number on the caller ID, it only said, “Unavailable”. After she stated her name, I looked up her account and she owed us $4.50. I explained to her how we did an estimate for her and had her pay her estimated portion at the time of service because she is a VIP patient, most patient pay up front and get reimbursed. What I did not say but wanted to say was, “being off only $4.50 off is a pretty damn good estimate so shut up and pay it, because if you would have been nice, I would have written it off!”

Her response to my explanation of how we gave her VIP status in allowing her to pay the estimated amount  only was, to inform me that from now on she will be paying her portion when we bill her AFTER her insurance pays. GEEZ… thanks lady!!

Once again human nature has showed me, if you do a favor for angry, unhappy person, they just do not appreciate it. They demand more! I wonder, what would inspire her to make an angry phone call after getting a bill for only $4.50? Why would she take the effort to call and complain over that, seems that a lot of energy wasted, over nothing. I know that this woman and her husband are not having financial issues. It seems to me that, unhappy people always want to share their misery with the world!

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  1. Nikki | | Reply

    Now…atleast you gave her an estimate of how much the bill might be and gave her the oppertunity to pay up front. Heck how does she deal with medical doctors, whom have the nerve to charge you for use of the room you spoke with them in on a consultation….no warning…no up front notice to how much that cost…no warning that insurance didn’t cover the room you spoke in….Hmmm…how much is it for that?

    I’ll pay her 4.50 bill and send her my sons medical bills….

  2. Monica | | Reply

    It just goes to show how people have no idea how dental PLANS work. Anyone who works in the dental field knows that those dental plan insurers are in it to make money and do not have the patient’s best interest at heart. If they did, maximums wouldn’t be the same since the 60’s and 70’s!

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