The Story of Negative Nellie

Every so often Nellie, a friend of the staff at the Dental Office, stops by to have lunch with us. When her head peeks around the corner of our front door and we hear her high pitched hello we are met with mixed emotions. We just cross our fingers and hope that she doesn’t stay for very long.

You see Nellie is super smart; whenever she stops by, I always learn a thing or two. The problem is that she is always “teaching”, her words not ours. We call it,”bitchy”as she is always pointing out our mistakes. God forbid she should hear a mistake our grammar; she just doesn’t know how to let anything go.

Our friend, Nellie is very negative. She does not know the meaning of the glass is half full. As she comments on our stories, she chases the silver lining away. Oh and talk about a know-it-all; she knows everything about everything. There is not a procedure, fact or idea that she does not know the most about. She is very good at sharing her opinions, as she rudely interrupts.

As a matter of fact, we are beginning to realize that negative Nellie really isn’t very much fun to have around!  Sometimes we just want to have fun and tell a funny story, we want to laugh and joke around. We don’t need to hear the facts about our stories or to be told that our husbands are all jerks. We know about proper sterilizing procedures as we also went to dental school.  At happy hour we like to let our hair down and laugh right out loud but we are not so sure that poor Nellie even knows how.

Why is Nellie like that? Why is she always such a drag to have around?

Now if, your name isn’t Nellie, you know that this story is not about you.
But, take a deep breath and ask yourself, do you ever act like her?
Do you focus on the negative or do you go with the flow,
smile and share a positive vibe?
With your success in mind,  






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