This One is for the Team Members

As moderator for the Dental Marketing Project, I receive a lot of private Facebook messages and emails from Doctors/Office Managers from all over the country asking advice or questions, sometimes just venting.

Recently, I had an newly promoted  office manager ask me what I know about team appreciation. Her question was;

“Whenhow_to_say_thank_you_520 most Doctors/office managers do things for their team that are outside the norm; like sending  the team to CE or covering hours for them, does the team ever say thank you or is this expected as part of the job? “


My Answer:appreciation-increases-morale-grid

“I have heard the doctor being thanked for lunches, parties and trips but not always for sending them to Continuing Ed and not by all team members, some do and some don’t.

Personally as Office Manager, I’ve never been thanked for training someone; it’s just part of the job. I’ve had team members who have thanked me for the little extra things like helping them to ask for a raise, when I gave them a gift or for covering hours but in all honesty…. most don’t.

I think as OM they expect you to do those things. It’s a sad truth but I must admit that I have been thanked more often by older employees vs younger. Perhaps it’s a millennial thing but I like to see that as not an age thing but a parental training issue.

I think that Team members should say Thank you to the Doctor and the OM when they go above and beyond for them not just when he/she buys them lunch or pays for a trip, it is polite but in a perfect world …  

 I think as OM what you have to do is make sure you and your doctor show appreciation to each other so you don’t lose faith and stop doing things for the team, it’s easy to want to stop when they don’t say thank you but rise above and keep on keepin on.”

Team members, please think about this.

Doctors and Office Managers are humans just like team members. Humans want appreciated.


Just My Two Cents…

With Your Success in Mind,


P.S. This blog was created and posted with permission from the office manager who asked the question!

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  1. Kim Rudnek | | Reply

    I guess you could also view it as who benefits from certain actions. If you send an employee to additional training you it will eventualy lead to more profits to your business, so if all goes well maybe both dentist and employee should thank each other. Curteous thing though would be to just thank the employer though because more training will make employee more valuable on the job market in the future. Based on this example I guess it pays to have some socal graces 🙂

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