Greet Your Patients by Name

Tip: Take a photo of your patients and insert it in your practice management system so you and your team will know who they are when they arrive for appointments.

Every once in awhile a patient comes in without checking in at the front desk, they quietly sit down in a chair, usually towards the back of the room leaving the front desk baffled, wondering who is that guy sitting over in the corner?

If only there was a photo available that quickly could be checked, it would be a easy way to avoid an uncomfortable situation. Why not take one and import it into your software? Check with your dental software company, to see how to upload thumbnails of patient pictures so that they appear in your software. It is a fast easy way to greet your patients by their name.

You can easily capture your patient’s picture; use a web cam at the front desk. If this is too high tech, it can still be done, just buy a cheap digital camera. When the patient come in for their appointment, your team can quickly snap a photo. Just explain to the patient what  it will be used for, most of them will not mind. Upload the photo into your software, then import into their electronic patient record.

When your patients arrive for their next appointment, they can easily be greeted by their name. This makes them feel welcome, and they will begin their appointment on a positive note, which will make everyone smile!

With Your Success in Mind,  NOMI

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