The Dental Marketing Project

Please take a moment of your time to review the rules of this group.

Because everything we do in our practice is marketing and everything is marketing, this group was created to help Doctors and Office Managers with all things dental.

The Dental Marketing Project is an exclusive study club for Dentists, Office Managers and Team Members. You must work in a dental office to be a member.

 Feel free to ask a question; share a tip, tell a joke, or just vent about something!

The knowledge of the members of this group is outstanding, so just ask. WE CAN HELP YOU!

Please be respectful; keep your comments and suggestions honest, but kind. Remember that there are all different types of dental offices and what works for one office may not work for the other so please keep that in mind. Also remember that you are reading words in black and white, you are probably not getting the entire story and/or your perception may differ based on your personal experiences, so please keep that in mind.  NO SCOLDING.  We are here to offer advice; opinions and help people find a solution. We are not here to scold other members for what they don’t know, for how they think or if you just don’t like what they said, so please be kind. It’s OK to disagree but in a respectful manner. Remember, sometimes it’s best to just keep scrolling.

And on the other hand, don’t be so easily butt hurt. Don’t take it personally.  It’s just an opinion and you know what they say about those….

NO screen shots or sharing posts outside of the group, if you do and it’s discovered, you will be removed,  please remember, this is a private group and people have the right to their privacy within the group. This is not a group for vendors to promote themselves or try to sell you something  so please let the admin know if you are contacted by a vendor/consultant without your permission, or if you feel harassed or pressured in anyway please let me know and the admin will intervene and take appropriate action. 

You may not use this group to promote a business or service. You may not ask members to PM you or send them PM’s.

NOTE to Vendors, consultants and service people – anyone with something to sell – while we appreciate you, this group is a peer sharing study group for Dentists, Office Managers and Team Members, only. If you have a product or service to sell, this is not the group for you. Thank you for understanding.

With Your Success in Mind,  NOMI 

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