Yes, She is Unprofessional But Whose Fault s it?

The other day, I drove my little brother to his orthodontist appointment. When we were at the front desk, checking in for his appointment, I heard a cell phone ringing. The receptionist quickly greeted my brother as she was reaching for her personal cell phone.

We sat in the reception area and watched as the receptionist answered her call. She greeted her friend with a warm and friendly hello, unlike the quick “have a seat” that she threw our way. The phone must have made her feel very comfortable as she acted like she was at home, she scooted down in her chair and put her feet up on the desk.

My brother never has been one to keep quiet, if he thinks it, he says it. He leaned over towards my chair and loudly said “Wow this place is really nice but they have very unprofessional staff here”. No sooner than he said that, the dental assistant showed up, calling out his name as she was chomping on some gum!

When you read this do you think these are bad employees? The receptionist is lazy and unfocused and the assistant really doesn’t seem to give a damn. They should be fired! Did you think that inside of your head? Take a moment and leave your box of perceived notions, is this behavior really 100% their fault?

This behavior would not happen at my office, not because there are such strict rules but because we all like and respect our Doctor and each other. If you have respect, trust and honesty within your team then you don’t have to worry that your team will let you down. If you and your team are all on the same page and you share the same vision with office systems in place, your office will run smoothly and everyone will run at the same pace.

If you don’t, if you have dysfunction, if your staff all likes to gossip and no one really seems to know the right thing to do, it is time to take a look in a mirror. How are your leadership skills? Do in inspect what you expect or do you just hope for the best? Do you have systems and good methods of communication? If your team does not share your vision ask yourself, do they even know what your vision is? Do you empower your staff or are they afraid to make a decision out of fear of being scolded? Take a moment and a deep breath, take a glance in the nearest mirror, what do you see? Are your leadership skills at their best?

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