You Can Fake It But You Won’t Make It

 receptionistYou’re a patient coordinator at a dental practice. It’s a hard job; you have to promote a service that no one really wants, unless their appointment is for teeth whitening! You have to explain dental benefits to an angry voice on the phone who thought everything was free because their employer takes eighty bucks out of their paycheck every month.

Confirming appointments is boring; you have to say the same thing over and over again.  Calling insurance companies is frustrating, that lady who is in control of the auto system never can understand what you say and the hygiene recall calls, don’t even get you started on those. They used to really suck until you figured out how to pretend you made the call by typing “left voice mail” in the patient’s chart.

Oh and that office manager, she is such a bitch, always following up with you to make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to, it is such a drag constantly trying to stay one step ahead of her so she doesn’t figure out that you’re faking your way through the day.

dream-jobIf you are a patient coordinator and you agree with any of the above sentences and yet, you still think that you are doing a great job; you are trading your time for money and you should probably run quickly to your office manager or Doctor and put in your two weeks!

Yes, we all know that you are working just to get a paycheck; why else would you get out of bed so early and we can’t all be entrepreneurs but … you are being paid a wage for your services, not just because you show up.

If you are just showing up, you’re doing more harm than good: to yourself and to the dental office that you work for.

It takes a team to run a dental office; everyone must be doing their part while giving 100%. If you’re faking those recall calls, a month from now the hygienists will not be busy, their schedules will be bare and production will suffer. Result: no more paycheck for you, even if the Doctor doesn’t figure out that you’re the one who is holding back the team, you will still suffer the consequences because the office will not grow and flourish. And I hope that you’re smart enough to realize that if the office does not flourish, there is no money to give you a raise.

It really is pretty simple. If you are showing up to work to just trade your time for money, you end up hurting yourself. Do yourself and the office a favor, find your passion and pursue it, life it too short to punch a clock doing something that you don’t enjoy every day!





  1. Debby Cutts | | Reply

    Very true, unless you can somehow revitalize the original purpose of the staff member that feels that way, sometimes they have lost sight of that and need a boost in the right direction! But, if not then yes they should go pursue what they really love –that is key to their happiness and the office too!

  2. bettyhayden94 | | Reply

    “the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” ~Steve Jobs

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