Acceptance – Diving Into The Five Stages Of Grief


You have been down the road to anger, you’ve denied, bargained, and fought off depression, it is time for acceptance.
Acceptance is the most peaceful stage out of the five. You finally feel like you can do this like you will make it and be just fine. Until the next day when the healing journey takes you a step back into the other stages. Remember, the healing path is not a straight line, you can go in and out of these five stages for months, and some can take up to a year to begin to heal. Healing takes patience.

Healing is a journey that never ends but at some point, you must accept your fate and start to live again. This does not mean that your ex was justified in any of their actions, this does not mean that you are not still hurt. It just means that you are headed in the right direction.
It is time for the real healing journey to begin. Once you accept your fate, you can regroup and come up with a plan to move forward with your new life.
Try to change your mindset from one that is tossed away like an old paper bag to one where you get to finally begin to live your life on your terms. No more fighting, no more crying, no more wondering where your partner has been when they come home late, claiming it was for work.
Think of the relief that you will feel, think of the freedom, the choices that you get to make for yourself. Try to begin to visualize this new life in your mind, lay back, close your eyes, and ask yourself a question.
What do I want for the rest of my life, my goals, my dreams, my desires?
Then set a plant to get just that. Focus on your life and eventually, your thoughts of the past will fade into a fog that seems like it was one hundred years ago!
This is your time to be you. Go get that life.

With YOUR Success in Mind,

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