Anger- Diving Into The Five Stages of Grief

Anger – one of the five stages of grief when your relationship ends.

You just found out, there is another person, a secret affair that they have been hiding for years. How could they do this to you? How could they sleep with you in the same bed every night while they lie right to your face?

Some time has passed since your partner asked you for a divorce and you step out of denial only to find that you are mad as a hornet!

So mad that you can’t think straight, you want to scream. You have the right to be mad, mad as hell. You would have never done this to them, you feel so disrespected and disappointed, and have a mix of other feelings that you cannot name but you know that they all lead to anger.

First, let me say, I am sorry that you must go through this, it is ugly and no, it is not fair, but it is what it is, and you must deal with it so go ahead take a few moments, and just be pissed off.

BUT …as mad as you are, you need to keep your composure and be sure that you do not do something stupid that will get you into trouble, that is illegal or vengeful. Those actions may feel exhilarating at the moment, but they only bring short-term relief to the emotions you will and must feel to heal after a breakup.

So, before you go taking action while singing a Carrie Underwood song, stop and think, be smart. Take care of yourself and let karma take care of him.

Find a positive way to deal with your anger and aggressive feelings. When triggered by anger, try going for a walk or working out. Running on a treadmill to music can help your body release that angry energy.

Do the work to heal yourself, read, watch online videos, and seek out the assistance of a professional, a counselor, or a life coach who can help you direct your anger into positive outlets.

As always, remember that the path to healing is not a straight line, one day you may be OK, and the next day, mad at the world. Take your time and heal your way, just keep the focus on YOU!

Please reach out anytime, I am here to help.

With YOUR Success in Mind,


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