But I LOVE Him

But I Love Him
He treats me like I do not matter. But I love him.
My days are lonely and his are full. But I love him.
He disregards my feelings and calls me names. But I love him.
Him, spending time with other women is commonplace. But I love him.
Doing all the housework and he never helps. But I love him.
He is not committed to us, only to himself.  But I love him.
Why do I love him, could it be because I do not love me?

Nomi Waters

Do these thoughts ever cross your mind? Ask yourself a tough question. Why do you put up with being mistreated? Do you really love him? Think about it. Do you really love someone who calls you names and treats you like you are just another object in the home?

Do you love him or are you just afraid to strike out on your own? Circumstances can keep you in a troubled relationship, not having a job or having young children and nowhere to go. It is a challenging situation to be in, but you can get out of it and live a happy life.

If your partner is not willing to listen to you and work together to fix what is broken, then you must begin to think of yourself and your kids. Do you want your sons and daughters to grow up in chaos and fighting? It will be their future; it is who they are learning to be.

Take it one step at a time and think it through. Is living a life in a toxic environment enough for me?

Plan, talk to a friend, a counselor, but decide to fix what is broken or move on to a better life.

We only have one life to live, and it can be joyful and fun, not abusive and angry.

There is help available. Reach out. Build a new tribe. You can do this, one step at a time.

With YOUR Success in Mind,


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