Depression – Diving Into The Five Stages of Grief

Depression is one of the five stages of grief when your relationship ends.

You have moved past denial, the anger has subsided, and you’re done bargaining, time for depression to set in. A feeling of sadness that you have never felt before washes over you and leaves you lying in the fetal position on your bathroom floor.

Go ahead and cry it out. Feel your feelings, it is the only way to get through the sadness that can occur when your relationship ends.  

Depression can overtake you even if you are miserable in the relationship. Divorce or the end of a relationship is traumatic, you need to mourn it, so take a minute and spend a Saturday in bed, watching movies and eating ice cream but when Sunday comes, pick yourself up and start the new week with a new attitude.

Overcoming depression takes action. First, seeing a licensed professional is a must-do, especially if you have lost your will to live or you are neglecting your family or job. If your depression is keeping you from eating or affecting your hygiene, call and make an appointment ASAP and get some outside assistance. There is a better life than living in the dark halls of depression.

If you feel OK, just a little down, seeking professional help is still a good idea, a nonbiased third party can always give you a different perspective. Think about the story that you are telling yourself about the breakup, is it an end or an opportunity to start fresh and do what YOU want to do.

Until then, take some action on your own. Read, watch videos online, and reach out to a close friend or family member. Listening to music or watching a favorite TV show can help lift your spirits and as always, exercise is a must-do, even just a walk around the block.

Sunshine can help lift your spirits so open your curtains vs sitting in a dark home, turn on the TV, or play music so the quiet echoes of your home do not remind you of what you lost.

Time can heal all wounds and with time and a little action, you will be OK. You will even smile again, heal, and find love in yourself.

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