Feel Your Feelings

Going through a divorce is painful. The person you thought you knew is suddenly a stranger, spewing insults and calling you some very ugly names. It hurts, it is confusing, and it is traumatic.

You’re in pain, yet you must work with a lawyer or put together a divorce decree on your own, things that require you to think clearly and you’re not.

What can you do? How will you get through this?

By releasing those emotions by walking into them, feeling them. Do not push them down and tell yourself that you will deal with them later. Take a few minutes every day and spend it on self-care, no I don’t mean take a bath, spend it on taking care of your mental health by working on your healing journey.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds; it may make them seem less painful, but the damage is still there, you must heal. Acknowledge and release the pain, learn from it so you do not put it on repeat. You must take charge of your healing journey, heal yourself with purpose.

Take a moment and think about a feeling that you have been having, perhaps you are angry or just sad, think about it and ask yourself what is the story behind that feeling? Scream, cry, just walk into and feel it for just a few minutes, then release it. Wash your face, repeat a positive affirmation and go do something that you enjoy.

Know that this is your life, and you no longer must you live it within a toxic relationship. No more walking on eggshells, it feels like you’re free, doesn’t it?

With Your Success in Mind,


Here’s a poem that may help get you started on feeling a feeling.

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