Five Ideas to Manage Your Alone Time That Can Help Improve Your Mental Health.

Alone, if you search the web for the meaning, you will find that as an adverb, it means on one’s own, separated from others.

Those descriptions sound sad and lonely, but if you take those adverbs and turn them into adjectives, the definition means, having no one present, and that does not sound as sad. We all find ourselves alone from time to time. It can be a positive time if you have the right mindset and use the time wisely.

If you find yourself alone and lonely, remind yourself that it is not the end of the world, and one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There are plenty of overworked people out there who would rejoice in a moment or two of having no one else present!

It all depends on how you look at things. When you are alone and feeling sad give yourself a different narrative. Keeping busy during alone times can raise your energy and lift your spirit so turn on some music and get started tackling those projects that you put off. Clean out that closet, and reorganized the pantry, how about taking a class or starting a new hobby?

Five Ideas to Fill Your Alone Time:

  1. Read: Anything and everything. Self-help books are great but not a cure-all, so read as many as you can, take the best advice, and create your own path.
  • Clean: A clean and organized home will help you feel better about your life. Seriously, try it. Living in a messy home with piles of dishes just gives you extra pressure, you know in the back of your mind those dishes need to be done. Get up and take some action.  Cleaning and organizing are great places to start when trying to organize and improve your life.
  • Self-Care: Taking a bath, shaving, using a face mask, meditation, and simply sitting and focusing on your breathing can help you relax and feel more in touch with your emotions. Going out and getting a Mani/Pedi or a new hairstyle can do wonders for your outlook and self-confidence.
  • Exercise ~ Raise your vibration with exercise. Check with your medical professional to discover any limitations you may have before you begin any exercise regimen but if you are physically able, you can always start by going for a walk around the block. Just get moving, turn on some music, and dance in your living room! There are many great exercise programs online, try some yoga or if you are more sports-inclined, try some pickle ball, it is a growing trend and a great way to meet new friends.
  • Create an alone time “to-do” list. List out activities, chores, and ideas to fill your alone time. When you are alone and feeling down it is harder to come up with ideas to motivate yourself so be proactive and make a list.

Being alone doesn’t have to be a negative experience. It begins with your mindset. Studies show that if you like yourself and focus on being your own best friend, doing what you love on your own will not seem lonely.  Working on yourself and learning to love who you are is the first step to having a  happy life!

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