Surviving the Holidays Alone

Thanksgiving has come and gone; it was not the same as it used to be when you were together with your soon-to-be ex, but you survived it. Next comes the big ones, Christmas, Hanukkah, and all the other holidays that fit in between then and New Year.

If you have children and you must share them, that will be a new experience for you. A quiet day on Christmas or perhaps a Christmas Eve spent alone. What will you do?

What about Valentine’s Day, will you sit home and mope or take charge and make the day about you?

One thing that you should not do is sit and mope, use this time to enjoy some time for yourself. Plan, get ready and prepare so the minute the door shuts as the kids go to visit their other parents, you are not standing in the middle of the room saying, “What now”?

Ideas on how to use the time if you find yourself alone:

  • Spend it with friends who are also single and plan a single holiday party.
  • Take a long hot bath and read a good book.
  • Use it as a spa day, paint your nails, and give yourself a pedicure.
  • Be productive, clean out that closet, declutter.
  • Make a huge bowl of popcorn and binge that show or watch a holiday movie or two.
  • Journal, work on that self-help workbook.
  • Make a list of goals and plans for the next year.
  • Dance around your house to Christmas music. Play it out loud!
  • Go for a long walk, take your dog if you have one.
  • Watch some old music videos on YouTube, go down memory lane, and find a few from the year you were born, or graduated from high school.
  • Practice cooking or baking. Try that recipe that you saw online.
  • If you are alone for a few days, try a solo vacation. Go somewhere that you have always wanted to go.

There are so many things that you can do besides feel bad when you find yourself alone on the Holiday. It is about your mindset and setting a plan in motion. What do you like to do?

You can do this, you will be fine, perhaps with some planning, and even have a great time!

With YOUR Success in Mind,


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