Who Am I ?

Who am I? A very common question after the end of a long marriage.

You spent years tending to your house, your kids, your husband. Giving all you have to them; you kept the house clean and kept them fed and happy. Chances are you also worked a Full or Part-time job while you kept the household running smoothly. You were a rockstar and they had no idea, they were too focused on their own selfish needs.

There was a price to pay for all this giving, there was no time left for you.

No time for you to pursue your interests, for you to maintain your friendships. The in-laws that you consistently kept in the know about your kids, sending pictures, planning holidays, purchasing all the gifts, you were a great daughter-in-law. Well, now those in-laws treat you like an outsider whom they never knew, tossed out like the baby with bath water. The Mother-in-law you used to thrift shop with, no longer gives you the time of day.

You are alone.

Sure, you have your family and your friends, but they are tired of hearing about it.

You feel like a stranger in your skin. You are hurt, depressed, and have no clue who you are anymore.

Hang on, it gets better.

Finding yourself again takes time. First, you need to wrap your mind around the divorce and end of the relationship, so you understand and process your feelings. Seeking professional help can assist you with this process.

An important point to keep in mind; this may be your current situation, but it is not your life.

You have choices, you can use this experience to enrich your life or feel sorry for yourself.

Your choice.

Going forward I’ll share ways you can find yourself again but, in the meantime, if you need to chat, I’m your gal!

With YOUR Success in Mind,


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